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Family Tree

In late 2000 we made our first assembly language program, QWave. While this was (and still is) a simple program, it has formed the basis of all our software. Almost ten years later there is probably very little, if any, residual parts of it left as we've changed the way we do certain aspects of our programming several times over. Today we do the same with every new program; an existing program is modified to make another, often also taking parts from others. JukeBx for example was modified more from Egg, but it contains substantial parts from GigAlarm. Also we have a common 'library' that is shared among most programs for reliability.

This diagram reflects the most dominant 'parentage' of all our software. It's grouped by years only so unless a program has a direct parentage within the same year the exact positioning doesn't mean anything. Most current and future programs have a link to their program page, others link to a brief explanation below.

2000 QWave
InstallerA Remind Slam
2001 Jack GigAlarm AllKeys Windy
WallNager Hatto jFolder
iTimeSync Egg Chop BuildA
2002 SmEdit Obrut CPU StickIt CryptIt
Volt TomeBase Keygen
2003 Break Ute SinnerDL JukeBx Tester
2004 Secs IPScour XorIt TwinSeek
2005 LunaBase Obrut Versus
2006 TxtAgent ProgHelp DAC
2007 ACAPview Stims
2008 MaxWords BrickCol
2009 LotaMath


AllKeys This was going to be a key code generator and general keyboard tool. Designed for a need that didn't last, so it was never finished.

BuildA The install file builder for InstallerA. Designed for our usage only and thus is incredibly user-unfriendly.

DAC We wrote a custom timer program for The David Allen Company.

Hatto Written for a friend (with a matching nickname) so he could rapidly enter text for an on-line contest. Obviously this program didn't go far...

InstallerA Since our software is so compact it would have been silly to use any available installer. Thus we needed to write our own. For ease of development the initial version needed manually made installer files, but later we wrote BuildA. From the start the plan was to make it available to other developers (that's why it still isn't at version 1), but we've never found the time to make the installer file builder user-friendly enough...

Jack As part of our ultra-compact drive we initially planned to write at least four core programs, WallNager, Remind, Volt and iTimeSync, and then package them up in a single program. That program would then be a Jack of All Trades.... Anyway it never happened as planned because it became too hard to make the four programs individual yet easy to integrate. Today GigAlarm is very close to the original vision of Jack.

Keygen We wrote our own custom software key solution in a few hours as while we were 'Freeware' at the time we wanted to offer users who donated some reward. When we converted to Shareware we kept the system. The system and program was upgraded in 2008 for ease of use by us and the users. (There's no plan to release this program.)

Obrut Same concept as the eventual program, but different parentage. Why? At the time Egg had a non-resizable window so it was an ideal starting point. When we picked up on the concept for a second time it was too long after and it was easier to start anew for the most part, and that time iTimeSync was a better match.

ProgHelp This contains various conversion routines that are often needed while programming, such as time and scan codes. As internal tools go it isn't too messy and it'll probably be released one day.

Remind Our first reminder program. It eventually became GigAlarm

StickIt Written in the hey-day of CDs, this was motivated by the difficulty to fill as much as possible each disc. Never finished at the time, and somewhat irrelevant today. The name is already taken too...

Tester Small tool used for testing concepts quickly without writing a full program. TextTool is an extension of this.

TxtAgent We've been planning on writing a clipboard tool for years... and this is the closest we've got. Chance of release is high... but the name may not survive.

WallNager Wallpaper changers are a big obsession for us, and we wrote this one for internal use early on. Due to the failure of the Jack concept it never was finished, instead it became the major new feature in our other planned composite program, Ute. Nine years later a WallNager ended up being released... but for the Android platform!

Windy Written for a friend (with a matching nickname) so he could... actually it was too long ago now and no one remembers now.


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