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We've been doing custom work for several years. Aside from software we also do website work; big jobs and small. The best and fastest place to ask is in our forum, but if your request is private feel free to use the contact form or just EMail us.


ACAPsoft has a long history of user requested modifications and custom programs. Many of our programs, for example Egg, Slam, XorIt and Break were requested, and most have been expanded well beyond their original vision. Please note that generally will not do a completely new program, unless it's simple. If what you want is a program that we have plus a bit more, or done in a different way then there's a good chance will be happy to deliver. If you have any doubts just ask anyway! However, we generally do not sell, re-brand, rename or make custom modifications of existing programs to resellers. This is largely to avoid the support and upgrading issues that can result.

Often we will be happy to do minor modifications for no additional charge for registered users. The way we see it is that if you want the feature, chances are someone else does but they just haven't asked. But for some major modifications, especially if we feel that the feature is unnecessary, we will charge for our services. This is always the case for custom and personal programs. Due to several cases of taking-the-program-and-running we expect a non-refundable consultation fee ($24.00 USD) prior to starting any project. (This payment includes licenses to all of our programs.) Please do not pay until we agree to take up the project. Unless there are special circumstances, the minimum charge for a custom program will be $500 USD.

Website Development

The ACAPsoft site was written by us, which probably is our most visible work. We also help maintain several other sites, including Hobart Olympic FC and we've also done an Advent Calendar for Eurobricks. We'd love to help you start or enhance your site; depending on the work we charge around $20 - $50 USD for static pages.

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