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Andrew J Glina Fun Facts

Programming History

I am Andrew J Glina, a programmer with over 20 years experience, including over 8 years using MASM32 Win32 Assembly Language. I started out programming Apple //e computers in BASIC and machine code in 1984, before moving up in the world to Acorn Archimedes A3000 computers in 1990, and then to the A5000 in 1992. Then in 1994 moved down in the world and bought my first computer, an Amstrad IBM XT. (I was poor.) Unfortunately, I never recovered. While I now attempt to collect other computers (Amigas, Apples, Acorns and Ataris currently but I would love an Archimedes) (Anyone else notice that a lot of the early home computers started with "A"?), few see me as anything but a PC user to this day. However, the more that I used PCs the more I became annoyed at the increasing size and requirements of programs. Then I learnt that Win32 Assembly Language programming is not too much harder that C programming, while the program size and execution speed is much improved. With this thought in mind I created Sinner Computing.

While I do specialize in Assembly, my knowledge extends further and includes some rare skills covering several platforms. This includes work on military computers, various portable devices and industry standard PLCs. Below is an overview of my computer related experiences.

System Language
"WinTel" PCs Assembly and C++
AN/UYK-20 Mini-Mainframe Machine Code
Acorn RISC Series Pascal and BASIC
Amstrad Notepad NC100 BASIC
Apple //e BASIC and Machine Code
Platform independent HTML, php, Logo, PLC work, 68K assembly, XML and Java

Yeah... I've heard that it looks bad if you post old and generally useless experience (such as Logo) in your resume... but this isn't my resume! That's here...

Personal Background

I was born in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) on the 31st of May 1975. After school I messed around with theatre for a few years (I also did one year of a Computer Science degree) before I got bored with it all (not to mention completely broke) and joined the Royal Australian Navy as an Electronic Technician in 1996. After moving to Sydney I worked for about 3 years on HMAS Perth then HMAS Hobart (both Charles F. Adams class destroyers) working on AN/SPS-52C, and during this time I also married a (female) fellow sailor Collette Eisemann. (We now have a daughter and a son.) In 2002 I left the RAN, and in 2004 returned to Hobart. Currently I'm living in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

In my free time I love to build with LEGO, and I have a site that focuses on that, De-Classic-Space.

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