XP going to standby when idle BEFORE it should

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XP going to standby when idle BEFORE it should

Postby Donnieclark » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:27 am

I do not think this is caused by shutter
After about 120 seconds of no keyboard\mouse input and ~<20% CPU computer goes to standby. If computer is busy (>20%) this does NOT happen.
XP with Power management set to "Minimum power management" and standby set to Never
Shutter is set to go to sleep after 600 seconds of <8% CPU
Only connection to computer is via RDP.
BIOS is NOT set to sleep computer on idle.
This was driving me nuts for the longest time. Didn't matter whether shutter was running or not. I switched the XP power management scheme to "always on" and the idle standby problem went away. However now Shutter would not go to "sleep" (ie sleep action would kick off but computer was still on).
I fixed this by having shutter run "psshutdown -cd". PSShutdown is a sysinternals command line app.
"-cd" (allow abort, go to standby mode)

For more details : teaser trailer
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