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iTimeSync - Internet Time Synchronisation

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24 Aug 13

XP / 03 / Vista / 7 / 8

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Version Changes Link
1.9 Super mega code refactoring
1.502 RFC-2030 server, enhanced Date Ranges
1.401 Converted to make most text translatable, enhanced offset
1.302 Run as a service, new options window, Vista tweaks
1.202 Enhanced log, Server Scan, internal redesign
1.15 Auto protocol, Time Zone display, Time Zone lock, Stealth mode, Vista Tweaks
1.14 Multi User Support, Internal tweaks and bug fixes
1.13 Interface tweaks
1.12 Resident setting, internal tweaks and bug fixes
1.11 Sync Time-Out, Date limits, interface change, User Dir
1.104 New protocol, more servers with modifiable external list, Internal time server, auto-sync, average mode, tray mode and interface improvements
1.021 Check without changing
1.01 Logging, internal IPs, bad server reply rejection
1.0 Initial Version

Other Files

Notes Link
German Strings.txt file for v1.5
German Strings.txt file for v1.401 (Revision 2)

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