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QWave - Quick Audio File Player

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3 Mar 10

2K / XP / 03 / Vista / 7

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Version Changes Link
1.6 Ten year overhaul
1.502 Plays most audio media tracks (MCI support)
1.42 Easy Registration
1.41 Improved 'Option'. Now adds 'QPlay' to current Wave file handler.
1.4 Use of installer and configuration utility
1.3 Added the ability to quit the program before a sound has finished playing and reworked the whole program
1.24 Added Icon support for .wav files and also in the about box
1.22 Changed reg entries for increased compatibility and less space
1.2 Solved some Win9x compatibility problems
1.1 Added registry support
1.0 Initial Version

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Notes Link
This is the source code for QWave 1.503. All source code available on this site is for reference purposes only. More details are available in the header of the source, but if you require clarification please contact us.

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