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JukeBx - Priority Media JukeBox

Version 1.401175 KB Download / 300 KB Installed
20 Apr 10

2K / XP / 03 / Vista / 7

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Version Changes Link
1.401 Bugfixes and tweaks
1.4 File Buffer, auto-rate, multi-state, Top 100 list
1.3 LunaBase updates, average mode, faster quick list, Vista changes, bugfixes
1.2 JPEG Covers, auto numbering fill, internal redesign, improved importer, associated tunes list
1.11 Multi-User support, Auto List save, Intervention Options, Network Mode, Media Filler
1.101 LunaBase update, interface revision, enhanced search
1.01 LunaBase update, interface tweaks, multiple back, history, improved importing, anti-artist repeat
1.0 Initial Version

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