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GigAlarm - Compact Multi-Function Alarm and Reminder Utility

Version 1.35100 KB Download / 500 KB Installed
17 Nov 10

2K / XP / 03 / Vista / 7

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Version Changes Link
1.35 Mixer controls and Web interface
1.343 Blank screen and internal tweaks
1.33 Dual alarm action, CheckMem, away mode support
1.32 New code system and bugfixes
1.311 Summary window and simple export tool
1.303 LunaBase updates, major internal redesign (+ more!)
1.292 Scheduled shutdown, idle shutdown, pad file generator, enhanced wallpaper changer, internal redesign
1.282 Random Alarms, World times, Hibernate/Suspend, Wake, History View, Bug fixes
1.275 Multi-user, Auto File Recovery, Neuron, Exclusion Zone, auto fill, log, interface improvements
1.263 Large View, Preview, Bio Rhythms, Bug fixes, interface improvements
1.253 Sorting, New Views, Improved Time Sync, Bug fixes, interface improvements
1.241 MCI Audio alarms (MP3), Internet Time Sync Alarms, interface improvements
1.234 Database selection, multi-threaded alarms, double line tool-tip
1.224 Instant Alarms, alarm templates, command-line options, interface improvements
1.213 Alarm Search, easy registration
1.2 Missed alarm notification, LunaBase database, improved snooze, new interface (+ more!)
1.16 Non window wave alarm, delay reset on event, icon hiding and interface improvements
1.15 Variable pause and interface improvements
1.142 Random file selection, Delay reset on boot, countdown extensions, and easy help access
1.13 Magic 10 & Shutdown forcing
1.12 Menu changes and some internal reworking
1.11 NT/2000/XP shutdown, restart alarm, more shutdown options and warn windows
1.10 Added date and delay alarms, changed interface, added simple wallpaper changer
1.08 Concept tester for 1.1
1.03 Changed "About Box" and installer
1.02 Tightened up memory usage
1.01 Drag & Drop, bug fixes
1.0 Initial Version

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