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Egg - Compact Multifunction Timer

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17 May 15

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Version Changes Link
1.61 Wake
1.6 Wake Timer
1.591 Alot Timer
1.582 Clock sync and set-by-time
1.57 Expanded Work-Rest mode
1.561 HTTP remote
1.55 Work-Rest mode
1.54 Mutex and series
1.532 Borderless full screen, interface tweaks, ACAP conversion
1.521 Data file redesign, in window text, always on icon
1.512 Screen Blank, Quickset ToolTips, interface tweaks
1.502 Count up, file alerts, auto start, internal redesign, chess mode, Quick size, Presentation off
1.402 Multiple Timers, Simple mode
1.3 Time up warning, tabbed options, day countdown, random, customisable quick set, quick text and sound change
1.262 Font and Colour selection, Random Files, Command Line Bug fixes and Improvements
1.25 Variable Transparency, Bug fixes
1.245 No Seconds mode, No Window mode
1.23 Fully resizable full screen mode, Button hide, bug fixes
1.22 Alarm On-Top Option, revised interface
1.21 More sound formats, auto-restart options
1.20 QuickSet, Options Window, Time-Up text selection, Mute
1.13 Minimize to tray and Screen position remembering
1.12 Keyboard Commands
1.11 Flash
1.10 Big Window, On-Top and Command line options
1.0 Auto repeat, wave file support, revised interface, repeating sounds, easy help access, minimised operation
0.8 Initial Version

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