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LotaMath - Math Tutor

Version 1.00150 KB Download / 200 KB Installed
28 Nov 09

2K / XP / 03 / Vista / 7

Partially due to the increased usage of calculators mental maths skills seems to be in decline... but you can change that with LotaMath! Equally suitable for all ages it supports 7 difficulty levels that range from easy to ultra hard, and you can choose to have addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, a mixture of all or squares. You easily can see how you're progressing as scores are tracked for unlimited different users via a built in database, and there is an overall rating displayed. Various options are supported such as user notes and auto advance.

Feature List

  • Six modes; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, a mixture of all or squares.
  • Seven levels that range from single digits, to triples!
  • Result data is tracked for each mode+level combination and a score is calculated based on the relative difficulty.
  • Users can be added, edited or removed, and comments can be made on each.
  • The main window is resizable and can be set to be on-top or transparent.

Misc Features

  • All settings are saved for convenience.
  • Multi-user setups are supported and LotaMath will run without any problems on a low privilege system and Windows Vista.
  • LotaMath is written in 100% Assembly Language and is very small and memory efficient. The program itself is under 100KB!
  • LotaMath can be easily run as a portable app from, for example, a USB key; it does not even need to be installed! Simply select "Extract" from the installer and then copy "LotaMath.exe" wherever you want! Our installer also supports installation on Window Vista without UAC prompts, as well as installation on low privilege logins.


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